Bite Costumes

Denne Kimono Drakt er helt topp
som en realistisk trenings drakt.
Jakken er spesial laget slik at
hunden kan ta fullt bitt over alt!
Arm, arm hule, brystet og ryggen.  
Samtidig gir den figuranten god
beskyttelse og lett bevegelse. Det
er også mange spesial  muligheter
som kan bestilles  til denne
drakten . Den  er laget til
figurantens kropps mål. Super til
trening for Politiet og Forsvaret


C-10     C-11      C-12        C-13         C-20       C-21         C-22
The Kimono Bitesuit is the
perfect suit for realistic training.

The Jacket is specially made to
allow the dog to bite in all
areas, Arms, armpits, chest and

At the same time the suit gives
the decoy good protection and
ease of movement.

The suit can also be ordered in
custom colors and different
levels of protection.

All costumes are specially
made to the decoys body
measurements to ensure the
best fit, protection and ease of

This is a super costume for
police and military use as well
as for Ringsport training.

I've owned 5 different bitesuits
this suit is in my opinion the
best training costume on the
market today!
Many more bite
costumes coming soon!
Suit material color  
selection chart.

C-13 (purple) is temporarily not available
New Camo Suit material
available at a slightly
extra charge.

New colors now in!
Neon Orange
KN110 Ringsport

Denne drakt er en luxus utvikling av  KN100.
Alt kan bli spesial bestilt. Farger, beskyttelse nivå, og  
mange andre detaljer.
Alle drakter er spesial laget etter figurantens mål.
Dette er drakten for figuranter som jobber på et høyt nivå, og
som vil ha  det beste utstyret til å vise frem sin dyktighet!
Ta kontakt for info om muligheter og pris!

All bite suits are a compromise between protection and  ease of movement.

The lighter the suit the more quickly it is "broken in" and easier to move quickly in. But also less padding to
stop teeth and distribute pressure.

Thicker suits are heavier, take time to "break in" for easy movement and distribute pressure and stop teeth
better, and last longer.

"Protection" comes in to ways:
First, through thickness in padding physically stopping teeth and distributing pressure.

Secondly, through "slippage" the ability for the decoy to move his body out of the dogs bite, inside the suit,
thus avoiding the pressure and teeth. But in order to do this he needs a thinner suit, with room to move
inside the suit, and most importantly, good  decoy technique.

If you are doing  a lot of training go for a heavier suit.
For competition or preparing dogs for competition  it is often better to use a lighter suit.

No suit (that you can move in) will stop 100% of bruising. But a training weight suit that fits well will give
good protection.

In a light suit you can expect to get brusies! Espesecilly if you use it for training. For experianced decoys this
is often acceptabile but for new decoys of for those working many dogs on a daily basis,  this is simply to
much punishment. The best solution is to of course have 2 suits.

The MOST important thing regardless of which suit type you choose is that it fits well! A custome fitted suit
is the ONLY way to go!

Think carefully about your choice!

We are happy to give you advice and answer any questions you have!

Suit protection levels:

Training (most protection)
Semi-Competition (Less protection , easier movement)
Competition (Least protection, light and easy movement)