"Dark"- Br Jean d'Ark av Nangijala, BH, MR1,
10 Sept, 2006

We have high hopes for "Dark".  From the first day home she has been
extremely social, environmentally strong, a very quick learner, and full
of fight and energy.

13 October 2007, BH
13 July 2008, MR1 Finland, 1st Place of 10
03 August 2008, MR1 Belgium, 2nd place of 11

Dark is on a dual career path of IPO and Mondioring.

Training is going very well!

She has a talent for tracking, is easily handled and very willing to work,
and she is biting equally well on the IPO arm and protection costume.

She remains extremely environmentally strong and is social with both
people and other dogs.

Helping with yard work
Herding the other dogs
Collecting shoes

Already the biggest dog in the house (at 10 months 30kg)
Well traveled: Already been to Belgium and France!
TV career: Cameo appearance on "Hundeskolen"

X-Ray Results
Hips Free- A
Elbows -Free

Eyes- Free
"Dark" MR1 with
Handler Renee
Finland July 2008
1st Place of 10
"Dark" 6 months
"Dark" 6 months
"Dark" at 6 months, heeling
"Dark" 6 months
in the leg of the
bitesuit. Full bite!
Pedigree: Mask Des Deux Pottois, Father of "Dark"
Pedigree: Roza, Mother to "Dark"
Dark - Blind Search
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"Dark" videos
Dark - sit in motion
Dark-Bites up
Dark - Obedience