IPO Arms
Young Dog IPO Arms
In 2 hardness levels and for use with a " IPO top cuff"
or with finished top that can be used alone.
IPOAG- IPO sleeve with flat bite bar (Right or Left)
IPOAR- IPO sleeve with sharp bite bar (Right or Left)
IPO Classic Arm- Classic IPO arm in leather with wedge shaped bite bar (Right or Left)
IPO Young dog arm
"Top Cuff"
To be used with
young dog arms
listed above.
IPO Cover with Plastic Plates
Used for dogs who "target" at the
ends of the arm. Teaches them to
target the center.
IPO Sleeve Covers-
We carry a wide choice of
covers. Jute, Jute/Nylon,
Cotton/Nylon, and Bitesuit
You get what you pay for in covers,
the better the cover, the longer it
Covers in bitesuit material last as
long as 5 jute covers!

We offer volume discounts
on covers!
Jute/Nyon Cover
The best compromise
between cost & use.
High quality jute tightly
weaved together with
Gives a good grip for
dog and very good
wear. Lineed with
tough nylon to protect
This cover will last, made of  
tightly weaved cotton and
synthetic blend. This cover
lasts 5 times longer than jute
& teaches the dog to take a
hard and powerful bite. The
dogs teeth can't "hang" in the
material like jute, so he must
use full power to hold the bite!