Malinois Litter Announsement
Now excepting reservations for puppies from:
”Nikita” Lyn Ak av Nangijala,- MR3 / IPO 3 and
Lei-anns Åskar – Police dog, Elite class, Swedish Protection Program
Expected date of birth: 29 April 2008

Lei-anns Åskar - Police dog & Elite Class Swedish Protection & Nikita MR3/IPO 3

We expect puppies of the highest calibre, suitable for international level competition and
serious police / military work. These will be dogs for serious and experienced trainers.
”Nikita” Mondioring 3  and  IPO 3
    •  HD- Free ”A”, Elbows Free, Spinal X-ray Free
    • Champion- MR 2, Mondioring World
    Championship all breeds  2003.
    • Champion- MR 1, World Championship
    Belgian Shepherds, Mondioring 2003
    •  3rd place, MR1, Mondioring World
    Championship all breeds 2001.
    •  4 times competitor MR 3, Mondioring World
    Championships all breeds and Belgian

Nikita is a large powerful female with a full hard bite.
Jumps maximum in all jumps, and has exceptional
In addition she is calm, mentally well balanced, and
social with both people and animals. She lives in the
house, and regularly accompanies me to work and
social functions.
Nikita is also trained as a Service dog, for the
disabled, (used for demonstrations at my job) has a
French Ring Brevet, and works in the Scandinavian
program for searching. This will be Nikita’s first and
possibly last litter. We are primarily interested in
training and competition, but she is too good of dog
not to take some puppies from. I will be taking her
replacement from this breeding.
Littermates of Nikita
”Krasch”- Norwegian IPO3 Champion 2003,
Certified SAR dog. Norwegian Working Champion

“Tina”- Mondioring 1, Cert.  Elite Class,
Norwegian working program in both Tracking and
Searching, Certified Military Patrol dog.

“Ix”- Certified Patrol Dog

Mother: ”Tess”- Police dog in Sweden
Click here for Pedigree of "Nikita"
Lei-Anns Åskar: Police dog /
Elite class Swedish Protection dog Program
Regnr                  Name                     Sex      HD        Elb        Titles
S44111/2003      Lei-Anns Åskar        
        A        Free       Police dog & Elite Protection
S44113/2003      Lei-Anns Åsvald      
        B        Free       Elite Tracking & Searching
S44114/2003      Lei-Anns Å-Stina     
♀         A        Free       Police dog
S44115/2003      Lei-Anns Å-Gilda    
 ♀         A        Free       Elite Tracking & Searching
Litter results from "Åskers" litter
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Lei-Anns Åsker
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