Follow up seminar in May 2008!

Seminar for practical training and
work in the bite suit.
Police and Military only!

This is a follow up seminar to the
March seminar that was a big

Seminar info

This will be a seminar focused at training police and military
service dogs to work with strength and confidence on a body
bite suit. We will intend to work with both the dogs and
handlers (decoys).

  • Topics covered will include:
  • Equipment type and selection
  • Building a dog to bite well on the suit.
  • Converting "arm" dogs to the suit
  • Safety for the dog and decoy
  • Training decoys for suit work -how to be a decoy
    not just a target
  • Control under distraction
  • Exercises (call off, defense of handler, transport

The seminar will be held in a suitable location in the
Akershus  area ,  under 1 hour drive from Oslo.

For those arriving by plane we will try to arrange transport
from Gardemoen.

Take contact for more details
15-17 April 2008:
Østfold Norway Police Dog Training Club
This is a private seminar for club members
Take contact with club for more details
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March 2008
Seminar for practical training and work in the bite suit.
This was a Police and Military only seminar.