About Us
Neal & Nikita on first place
podium, World Mondioring
Championship for Belgian
Shepherds, De Haan Belgium
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Magazine artical
about Neal (Norsk)
Training Manager “Hundeskolen Veiviseren”. Training of Guide dogs
and Service dogs

Guide Dog Trainer /  Training Manager for Norwegian Service dog
Project (Norges Blindeforbund)

Training Supervisor, “Paws With a Cause” Service Dog School in

Kennel Owner (breeding & training, Police, security, sport, Behavior
modification) (Breeding of Belgian Malinois)

10 Years in Law Enforcement Experiance, USA

15 years Military Experience

International Mondioring Judge

Certified Decoy, Fr Ring, Mondioring, Campagne, and IPO

2001 Mondioring World Championship for All Breeds (3rd Place,
Cat. 1, with Nikita  age 19 months)

2003 World Championships for Belgian Shepherds, (World
Champion Mondioring Cat.1)

2003 World Mondioring Championships for All Breeds (World
Champion Mondioring Cat.2)

2004 World Mondioring Championships for All Breeds (Competitor

2005 World Mondioring Championships for All Breeds (Competitor

2006 Qualified for Mondioring Championships for All Breeds (MR3)
Did not attend because of breeding Nikita

2007 World Championships for Belgian Shepherds (Competitor

2007 World Mondioring Championships for all breeds (Competitor

French Ringsport (Held USA National French Ring 3 High score for
22 months,  11 titles earned with several dogs)

Guest Lecturer ADI (Assistance Dogs International)1999 (training of
combination Guide/Service dogs)

Guest Lecturer ADEU (assistance Dogs of Europe) 2006 (Practical
cliker training of working dogs)

Search and Rescue (2 Urban Disaster SAR dogs Certified)

Obedience competition (AKC, UKC, Schutzhund)

Police Dogs- Several trained and certified

Retrieve trained- 150+ dogs
1st President of USMRA (US Mondioring Assoc)
National Training Director-Canadian Ring Assoc.
Vise-president- Nordisk Mondiorong Forening

Intake Evaluator for US Customs dogs

Expert witness/State evaluator (Behavior & Problem Evaluation)

Film work, Training of dogs for film, TV, and advertising.

International experience (training & competition in 10 countries)

Numerous Seminars (Both as instructor and attendee)

Writer (numerous articles for breed and training publications)
The easiest problem to correct,
is the one that is never created
Jean Micheal Moreau
Alpha K9 Services is owned by Neal Wallis and is driven with the help of
friends, training comrades, and colleges around the world. It has developed
from a passion for dog training.

Over many years of working with dogs, training, breeding, and living life as a
"Dog Person"  I have come to the realization that the largest part of the "Dog
Community" and those that service it with products and information. Are
focused at the entry levels of dog ownership and training.

We want to focus at the opposite end of the spectrum. We are here to
service the professional, those who depend on their dog to work for them
every day. On the job, or in service to them.

And also, to those who want to play and compete at the top the "Formula 1"
and " Extreme Sports", levels of Dog sport.

This is where we live and play, and we want to help those who travel the
same path as to excellence!

Below, find some of the experience and achievements that lay as the
foundation for Alpha K9 services, we truly strive to be the "Alpha" in what we
Dogs owned and trained

Duke, Standard Poodle-  Childhood pet
Brutus, Golden Retriever -Hunting
Cormac, German Shepherd - Obedience
Kaiser, Doberman- Obedience, Schutzhund
Rommel, Rottweiler- Schutzhund
Mikki, Malinois-
French Ring, Police dog, Search & Rescue
Bubba, Rottweiler- Schutzhund, FR, Campagne
Fate, Malinois-
French Ring, Mondioring, Campagne
Jessie James, Malinois- French Ring
Brando, German Shepherd - French Ring
Destin, Malinois- French Ring
Lork, Malinois- Mondioring, Tracking
Nikita, Malinois-
Mondioring, FR, IPO, Norwegian working
dog program, Service dog.
Feline, Malinois-Breeding
Dark, Malinois- IPO, Mondioring

Plus several other dogs for breeding, dogs
trained for sale to police and security, and
service dogs and guide dogs