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Jeg Tilbyr  
Decoy Training
Seminars and Private Instruction
Over the years I have been a Certified decoy in IPO, Frenchring, Mondioring, and French
Campagne (Field work trials)

I have also helped and held seminars for  police and military agencies in the USA and
Europe. In the use of the bitesuit for realistic training. And gaining practical control over
their dogs in realistic situations.

I am available to hold seminars for interested sport and professional groups.
Mondioring Decoy Seminar 2004
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Instructor Neal Wallis
I offer training in
Decoy Training
Working dog
Behaviour Problems
Cliker training
Private training
Seminars  &
Practical clicker training
to adapt the “Click and Treat”
method of operant
conditioning to the practical
training of working dogs.

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Our seminars on clicker training are
focused on how to train dogs using the
clicker as a training tool.

We cover training and learning theory as
well as shaping. But we focus on the
mechanics and techniques used to quickly
and reliably train new exercises and fix

In our clicker program, we explore the
many possibilities of clicker use and how
to integrate the use of the clicker into
"traditional" training.

We speak about the clickers many
advantages, and it's limitations.

We will show you when shaping is the
fastest way to your goal, when blending the
clicker with  traditional training is best and
when and how to use correction to build

We go beyond "pure shaping" to Practical

We believe the clicker is a super training
tool, not a philosophy or religion for dog

We have 15 years of practical clicker
training experience. We specialize in
training working and competition dogs with
the clicker. And we have many functioning
service, guide, police, rescue and
internationally ranked competition dogs to
our credit. What we do works!

This is a course for trainers who are
interested in finding new, effective, faster
and better ways of training for competition
or practical work.

If you are looking for a clicker course
where you never say "NO", Correction is
not a topic, training purely for fun without
goals or ambitions, or a  die hard devotee
of "pure shaping" clicker training without
the desire to expand your horizons, then
you will be disappointed in our course.
Please don't bother to attend!